Stories of Strength

This is a creative engagement project that supports people to identify and celebrate their own STORIES of STRENGTH.

As a Circus Strong Lady, I have spent over 20 years touring internationally and performing ‘Feats-of-Strength’. This project explores the powerful ways in which we all perform feats of strength in our own lives – it is a celebration of stories of resilience, perseverance, determination and vulnerability.

It is run by Charmaine Childs of Strong Lady Productions, with various partners. The details of the project are crafted bespoke for each community, though it always centres around asking people the question: “Can you tell me about a time when you were strong?” Sometimes the project has public outcomes: printed exhibitions, open mic performances, or online galleries. Follow the link to MORE INFO if you are interested in bringing Stories of Strength to your community and to see details of past projects. Or explore some of the online galleries below, from projects where that was an outcome.

Click on the photos below to explore some of the Stories of Strength I have collected. Enjoy!