Tour Dates

Jan 22
Brewery Arts Centre - Kendal | POWER


As a Strong Lady I have been touring internationally for over 20 years. Some highlights have included:

Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten (Germany) + Trapezi Festival (Spain) + Rues et Cies (France) + Glastonbury Festival (UK) + Asfaltart (Italy) + La Plage des Six Pompes (Switzerland) + Chaspierre (Belgium) + Humerologie (Netherlands) + Art and Ideas Festival (USA) + Singapore Street Festival (Singapore) + Sancha de Daidogei (Japan) + Stockholm Street Festival (Sweden) + Passage Festival (Denmark) + Trezart (Netherlands) + 10 Days on the Island Festival (Australia) + World Buskers Festival (New Zealand) + Valladolid (Spain) + Fremantle Street Arts Festival (Australia) + Toronto Busker Fest (Canada) + Edmonton Street Fest (Canada) + Devizes Festival (UK) + SIRF (UK) + Mouth of the Tynne Festival (UK) + Viva Cite Festival (France) + GOP Variete Theatre (Germany) + The Lawrence Batley Theatre (UK) many more amazing events, theatres and festivals