Stories that are touching, tragic and true, told through circus skill and humour… the subject matter is about ordinary people and told through extraordinary skill. 
It is empowering and encouraging to watch, as well just good old fashioned entertainment!
Complicite, Joyce Henderson , UK
This duo is doing things differently, with a super strong lady and a graceful guy performing acrobatics that will blow you away!
Urban List Magazine, UK
Spectacular one woman show – leaving a trail of torn books and bent metal bars behind her…
Profile Magazine, Australia
Die Hohepunkte sind die urkomischen muskel-Australierin Betty Brawn (review of BackSTAGE show at GOP Variete Theatre)
Munich Press, Germany
Uplifting and inspiring - The audience laughs and cries along with the story.
Audience Feedback (E. Postlethwaite),
That is actually, seriously, very impressive…
Merrick & Rosso, Nova Radio, Australia
Charmaine is an expertly skilled creative practitioner. Her experience in outdoor performance was incredibly complimentary to delivering high quality community outreach. I observed on many occasions how quickly she is able to build rapport with someone she has just met and encourage them to identify and share a positive personal story.
Havering Changing, James Jackson, CPP Project Director., UK
I Learned so much and am already feeling stronger!
Gillian Smith, Workshop Participant, Australia
Clever, engaging, inspiring show (not to mention STRONG). Thank you!
Audience Feedback (V.Wilkinson - Facebook), UK
Our participants were fully engaged during her sessions. Charmaine is such a positive and encouraging facilitator and it was joyous to see her work.
Olivia Race Creative Associate at LBT, UK
Bizarre and Impressive
Irish Times, Ireland
Betty Brawn was born with the strength of her father,the strength of her mother… and it seems with the strength of the family next door as well!
SEE Magazine, Canada
Absolutely brilliant, so powerful! Loved watching my 6 year old watching you: open mouthed, smiling, gasping and cheering!
Audience Feedback (A. Taylor),
Betty Brawn tord les cliches et les barres de fer. Son Carousel Humain demontre qu’elle sait emporter le coeur des males et tout le reste avec.

Betty Brawn twists clichés as well as iron bars. The Human Carousel shows that she can carry the hearts of men, and all the rest of their weight as well.
Le Soir National Newspaper, Belgium
Compassionate, moving and funny. The way Charmaine weaves together the stories and circus is inventive and original - I think the show will absolutely push forward the art form.
Ockham’s Razor, Charlotte Mooney, UK
An amazing show - fun for all! Great and emotional short stories - I loved the message - the kids loved it!
Audience Feedback (Aniakinlami - instagram), UK
Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia
Charmaine’s creative engagement workshops were wonderfully received by participants in our community.
Henry Filloux-Bennett
Artistic Director, The Lawrence Batley Theatre , UK
Captivated, shocked and in stitches...
Simon Thomas-Wilson The Mercury, Australia
I have been very impressed with her approach to storytelling and her extensive knowledge of wellbeing practices. I think Charmaine’s project has had a very positive impact on participants.
Emma Mills, art psychotherapist, Metal, UK
Such a touching show about what truly makes someone strong.
Audience Feedback (J. Fisher), UK
Beautifully written and amazingly executed. We were mesmerised by the skill and captivated by the stories - such a great show!
Audience Feedback (R. Miles), UK
How good was she! I have never seen a stronger woman…
The Footy Show, Australia
Betty Brawn oozes charm & wit. She holds the audience in her hand while twirling men above her head.
Glimpse of London Magazine, UK
The highlight was the hilarious and strong Australian, Betty Brawn (review of BackSTAGE show at GOP Variete Theatre)
Munich Press, Germany
Moving, funny and uplifting. Charmaine Childs is a natural storyteller and the combination of personal experience, collected memories and acts of physical strength kept the audience transfixed.
Angela Sykes, 
Program Manager at Diss Corn Hall, UK
Flipping traditional gender ideas on their head, it is a strength act with a difference... Jaw Dropping...
Jenny D'Anger, Fremantle Herald, Australia
Charmaine's workshop was a real success… It brought together people of widely differing age and ability in a very supportive and enjoyable experience which fused the holistic qualities of yoga with the ambition and zest of the circus. Everyone found strength and confidence and left the room with a big smile and increased awareness of just how incredible humans can be.
Fiona Mathews, Director of Theatre Orchard, Event Producer, UK
An inspiration to women
Megan Asprey , audience member, Australia
Absolutely loved this!! So thought provoking! Great act!
Audience Feedback (Hanneke Legrestee - Instagram) , UK
Stunning feats of emotional and physical strength, intertwined with raw verbatim of real people's stories. Thank you - you are a wonder!
Audience feedback (Becka_acts - Instagram), UK
Betty Brawn shows with indescribable lightness, that she is the Strongest Lady in the World – and elegant too.

Die grossen hit vom Klienes Fest! Betty Brawn zeigt mit unbeschreiblicher Leichtigkeit, das sie die starkste Frau der Welt ist – und elegant zu gleich.
Hannover Neue Presse Newspaper, Germany
Wow. Just WOW. Charmaine is such a charismatic performer. This show was powerful, touching, and we were in tears. For my 6 year old granddaughter it was the fave of the festival. Thank you so much.

Timely, thoughtful, sensitive and entertaining.
Audience Feedback (Anne Parry - Instagram) , UK
Along with the strength and humour from her street shows, she has a light touch and a keen ear which allow her to explore her themes of strength, power and resilience in ways that go beyond the obvious and create really involving moments.
Mervyn Millar, Object Animation Director, War Horse , UK
A very accomplished and thought-provoking piece of theatre… the circus elements were seamlessly interwoven into the narrative. The subjects of empowerment and mental well-being felt very appropriate for our time.
Steve Cowton, Programmer / Head of Production, The Lowry, UK
The confidence Charmaine has and how she shares that with everybody is amazing! I’ve seen it twice! Loved it.
Tracey Woolley , audience member, Australia
Absolutely stunning – it is moving, funny, beautifully staged, and the audience response was absolutely incredible.
Henry Filloux-Bennett
Artistic Director, The Lawrence Batley Theatre , UK
Spectacular and very special… people are going to be talking about this non stop… I can hardly believe it.
Jo Whiley, BBC TV, UK
What an amazing show! I expected the tricks, but not the inspiring narrative that went with them. Well done!
Audience Feedback (U. Tank), UK
Inspiring and uplifting... and elegant!
Tina Vollenhoven, audience member, Australia