Charmaine Childs

I am a Circus Strong Lady. My primary work is touring highly physical shows that celebrate strength and connection + delivering my creative engagement project Stories of Strength. I am passionate about the development of physical, mental and emotional strength – and the ways they impact on each other. All my work is dedicated to uplifting and empowering people, creating connection and celebrating diversity. This has lead me to a delightfully wide ranging arts practice that also includes:

Strong Lady Perch Show

I work as a speaker for corporate and wellbeing events, conferences, and ceremonies. I have been a speaker on numerous panels, in educational settings and in documentaries and podcasts.

I create content bespoke for each event. My speaking generally centres around being a Strong Lady and inspiring audiences to become the strong lady or strong man in their own life. I engage audiences with a surprising blend of stories, circus stunts, comedy and practical information that they can put into action.

I also revel in the opportunities I have to HOST / MC / Compere for events and shows.

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I create bespoke workshops that support participants in areas including: developing physical and mental strength; the power of the stories we tell and how to craft them; accessing creativity and flow; developing a daily movement habit (yoga, mindfulness and bodyweight strength training); circus and performance skills.

I access my training as a teacher (Bachelor of Education + yoga teacher + mindfulness facilitator) as well as my years of experience as a professional strong lady. I also draw on my own study of literature in psychology, philosophy and neuroscience to develop the content and structure of my workshops.

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Strong Lady
Strong Lady Perch Show

I work as a specialist teacher / mentor / consultant with universities, schools, professional artists and youth arts groups.

I have a Bachelor in Education + a Bachelor of Arts. From 2018 to 2021 I was a specialist teacher on Essex University’s theatre course – teaching Circus + Street Theatre. I have also worked with numerous schools and youth theatre groups on performance projects.

I have mentored/consulted for professional artists in creative projects and adapting work for outdoor/unconventional performance spaces – as well as in the skills of self-producing and the business of being an artist.

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I am an independent circus producer. For 20 years I have been self producing successful international tours for my shows – managing to tour new work even in 2020 and 2021!

My specialty is international touring to outdoor arts festivals, touring circus, and touring circus to UK theatres.

From 2001 to 2009 I was the producer of The National Circus Festival in Australia. From 2018 to 2010 I regularly worked as a stage manager / producer / tour manager for festivals, companies and venues. This included: Melbourne Fringe Festival (assistant producer on the festival); Strut and Fret (Venue manager / stage manager); Tiny Top (Venue manager / stage manager); Circus Monoxide (Tour Manager).

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