Productions Currently Available for Touring

Strong Enough

STRONG ENOUGH is a powerfully optimistic outdoor show that uses circus, comedy and feats-of-strength to celebrate stories of finding strength in unexpected places.
Created in 2021 as a commission of Without Walls Consortium, Hat Fair + Just So Festival. Supported by a number of venue partners.
For: Outdoor Arts Festivals and events
Duration: 35min


POWER is a solo circus-theatre work, celebrating the ways we can feel powerful, even in an uncertain world.
Created in 2020 as a commission of The Lowry + Lawrence Batley Theatres with Cambridge Junction/Creative Arts East. Supported by Arts Council England and a number of venue partners.
For: Theatres + Rural Touring venues
Duration: 75min

Strong Lady

A Strong Lady performing an array of elegant feats of strength that crush gender cliches. As an outdoor festival show or an act for variety shows and events, it has thrilled audiences around the world.

Touring internationally since 2007, this show has been my major work to date. It has played in 28 countries and 7 languages so far.

For: Outdoor Arts Festival, Variety Shows + Events

Duration Flexible: 6min to 35 min


BARCELONA, is a comedy acrobatic-operatic duet with Mario Queen of the Circus. This hilarious act has been performed at festivals and events around the world since 2007.
For: Variety Shows + Events
Duration: 5min

Film Work


I collaborated on this short film, created by Mimbre UK in 2020. Commissioned by the BBC for their Culture in Quarantine project.


I collaborated on this short film, created by Jackson’s Lane Theatre in 2021. It was directed by Nearly There Yet and shot by Mark Morreaux.

Past Productions


LEAP is an acrobatic duo show with Reuben DotDotDot. Both fearless and tender, this show explores the limits of what is possible when you ask the question “If I Leap, Will You Catch Me?”

This hand-to-hand and perch pole show toured outdoor arts festivals internationally from 2014 to 2016.


Falling Up was a collaboration with Mimbre UK in 2012. I was an acrobatic base in an ensemble of 4 women. It was an uplifting exploration of strength and vulnerability.
We toured this show together to outdoor arts festivals through the UK and Europe.

GOP Varietie

My STRONG LADY act was a feature of the variety show BackSTAGE with GOP Variete Theatre. The show was a raucous and spectacular glimpse into the world behind the curtains.

We toured theatres across Germany for a total of 5 x 10-12 week seasons from 2015 to 2018.


SkiBoom, with Tutti Frutti was my first internationally touring circus show – A comedy acrobatic ‘water-skiing’ act in a blow up paddling pool.

It was with this show that I bounced into the world of street theatre, duo acrobatics, clowning and international touring.