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Strong Lady - Public Speaking



Charmaine Childs is excited to offer you workshops to run alongside performance bookings – or as stand alone workshops for your event, company, retreat or school. Bespoke workshops can be created, or take a peek below to see outlines of workshops that are currently available. We are happy to adapt workshops to be inclusive.

Charmaine draws on her experience of almost 20 years touring as a Strong Lady – as well as having: trained in circus, as a vinyasa yoga teacher, at university to receive a BA in theatre and a Bachelor of education as well as learning the arts of event speaking and arts producing through mentorship and practice. She is currently teaching on the East 15 course at Southend University.

Charmaine’s performance work is characterised by a playful mix of strength, grace and comedy. She has developed her physical and mental strength to allow her to uplift audiences around the globe… Now she is sharing what she learned along the way, by speaking at events and facilitating workshops. All workshops include some link to developing both physical and mental strength.

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Workshop: Stories of Power

1 hour 30 minutes (longer versions available) and suitable for adults, young people 15+, or school groups. This show was designed to accompany the show POWER.

Stories of Power invites participants to identify and craft a story of their own experience of being powerful. When I gathered stories in interviews for the content of the show, I was amazed at the impact of people reframing their own experiences as stories of power. Rethinking what power is and re-imagining themselves as powerful was… powerful…and so this workshop was born. The aim is that people will be able to share their stories of power at the end of the workshop if they want to, after a process that will look like:

  • Discussion the power of story and the impact of reframing our experiences as stories of power (includes some neuroscience and psychology info).
  • Talk about the process of creating my show POWER from interviews with real people around the country and how they had thought they didn’t have a story of power at first, but that everyone did.
  • Interactive section where people identify a story of power in their own life (or if they prefer, something they witnessed).
  • Explore elements of storytelling technique and crafting story (including option of layering the story with movement, skills or activity).
  • Work independently with individual guidance to craft their story & find physicality. If time, go on to explore how changing the way you interact with objects or the tone of physicality can change meaning in subtext.
  • End with sharing of stories where desired, and an offer to photograph ‘power poses’ (asking them to pose in a way that shows what power feels like to them – which they can choose to have included in the foyer display of Power Poses).

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Strong Lady Grow Strong

Grow Strong

1 hour 30 minutes (longer versions available) and suitable for adults, young people 10+, or school groups. This workshop is designed to accompany the show STRONG LADY.

A physical and mental strength building workshop. It begins with a discussion of the ways physical and mental strength are built and looks at the power of habit. I demonstrate how to build a short training ‘flow’ that people can create for themselves to do at home, using only their own body.

Grow Strong aims to develop both physical and mental strength in a daily training habit. We will explore a toolkit of bodyweight strength training exercises that people might like to include in their ‘flow’ (borrowed from yoga, functional movement, pilates and circus conditioning).

The workshop covers:

  • A toolkit of exercises for developing stability and strength based in yoga & bodyweight training
  • How to craft a series or flow of exercises and to create a home training practice that needs nothing but your body
  • The power of habit (and how habits are crafted in the brain)
  • The power of Play (and finding flow state)
  • The power of Balance (both physically and mentally)
  • The power of ease (how to tone the vagus nerve, cultivate mindfulness and release chronic stress/inflamation/reactivity)

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Start Strong workshop

Workshop: Start Strong

Duration Flexible – From 1 hour 30 minutes to a full day.

This workshop is designed for corporate settings, motivational events & wellness retreats.

This is a clarity building workshop – and a new way to consider goal setting. By focusing on what you want to feel and be, (rather than just an exhausting list of more things to do, get and prove) you will uncover a simple and elegant road map to guide you there via visions, goals, projects, right down to the power of small daily choices, practices and habits.

This is a workshop peppered with mental strength training techniques to take the heavy lifting out of creating change and cultivating clarity. Pursuing your dreams shouldn’t feel like another heavy to do list… and our dreams shouldn’t look like a shopping list. Give yourself a fresh start to move forward in an authentic way. It’s always a good time to Start Strong![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row el_class=”strong-lady-page-bottom”][vc_column][vc_column_text]


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