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Strong Lady - Public Speaking



Be the Strong Lady (or Strong Man) In your own personal circus.

Charmaine Childs: Inspirational Speaker & Workshop Facilitator.

Strong Lady Productions is excited to offer you speaking events & workshops for exploring physical and mental strength.  These can be associated with a performance date or run independently, with content adaptable for your context.  

Charmaine has been touring the world for over 15 years performing as a Strong Lady & partner acro base… basically she has made a career out of lifting people into the air as if they were feathers with her signature mix of comedy, strength and grace.  Her primary work has been her solo Strong Lady show – an elegantly presented array of feats of strength, laden with comedy. She has also performed in a number of duo and ensemble circus shows as a Strong Lady, most notably the spectacular acrobatic show Leap.

All of Charmaine’s performances are characterised by a playful mix of strength, grace and comedy. She has built a career out of delighting in the things that make her different to other people, developing her physical and mental strength to allow her to uplift audiences around the globe…

Now she is sharing what she learned along the way, by speaking at events and facilitating workshops.  It’s your turn to become the Strong Lady/Strong Man.

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