Past Shows

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Strong Lady - Past Shows



I have been lucky to have collaborated in the creation and touring of duo and ensemble shows with a number of wonderful artists… Take a peek at some of my past adventures below and get in touch if you would like to know more.

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With Mario Queen of the Circus (2007 – now)

Created in 2007, this hilarious acrobatic operatic duet has been performed intermittently around the world, when ever we happen to be in the same place… It is a true pleasure to have the chance to perform with one of the very best in the business.

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With GOP Variete Theatre (2015 – now)

The Strong Lady is a feature act in this variety show that is touring to various German cities from 2015-2018, performing in some of the oldest theatres in Europe, with a cast of spectacular acts from around the world.

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With Mimbre (2012)

Falling Up was a tender and warm acrobatic show exploring ideas of strength and femininity. I was the base to the 3 other strong women in the cast. Excitingly this project included research into injury prevention for outdoor circus performance.

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With Tutti Frutti (2002-2006)

A comedy acrobatic ‘water-skiing’ show. This was my first professional touring work as a Strong Lady, it was with this show that I bounced into the world of street theatre, clowning and international touring.

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With The Tiny Top & Sideshow Wonderland

I have been lucky enough to find myself spruiking outside Australia’s finest sideshow tents and performing big shows on their tiny stages at festivals in Australia and the UK.

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Circus Fest (2000-2009)

I worked alongside the wonderful Tony Rooke as Production Coordinator for Circus Fest (the National Circus Festival of Australia) from 2000 until 2009. We produced a gathering of the circus community for a week of training, which would lead on to a weekend public festival. It was a remote site, without electricity or mains water and we would host a ‘zero waste’ festival for over 2000 people. The programing was done overlooking a lake and endless forests and we were working with the finest circus artists in the country. The logistics were epic but the festival was incredible.